Shopping for the Right Wood Sauna Stoves

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Before the discovery of the electricity in Northern Europe, saunas were heated naturally with the help of wood fired heaters. Currently it’s the preferred choice of heating among sauna enthusiasts, especially when they appreciate the benefits of sprinkling water over the hot rocks.

Wood fired heaters are equipped with a chamber designed to be filled with special high temperature rocks. These rocks usually absorb the thermal energy of the wood fire and radiate heat into the sauna room.

One of the main benefits of using a wood burning sauna heater is that it doesn’t require any electricity. These stoves are perfect for use in off grid cottage applications or remote locations though a lot of customers prefer them for therapeutic benefits even they do have access to electricity.

Wood Sauna Stove

Timberline Wood Sauna Stove:

Timberline wood sauna stoves are engineered to balance the traditional features of wood fired heaters with modern design. The affordable pricing and superior quality build make it really difficult for other manufacturers to compete with Timberline wood sauna stoves.

The traditional specifications of wood burning heaters are combined with modern design in the latest Timberline wood sauna stove. Perfectly engineered for efficiency and durability, these stoves are made from the highest standard materials. The low pricing make them stand out in the wood fired heater marketplace.

These sauna stoves have two parts, an internal wood fire box made of thick steel that absorbs heat and an external box made of top quality stainless steel that offers the heater a beautiful look while preventing rust. The Timberline sauna stoves include a ceramic infused heat resistant glass door that males the fire’s soft glow to brighten up the sauna room.

The sauna stoves come with a removable ash catcher to allow the ash waste to be removed easily. In addition to, they have a top box that is designed to fit 25lbs of the special high temperature sauna stones. This stove can be installed into a sauna as the lighting of the internal wood fire heats it quickly and effortlessly.

Saunacore Country Living Wood Stoves

Saunacore Country Living Wood Stoves are truly authentic wood burning sauna stoves that are perfectly engineered to outperform the competition in terms of design and engineering. They are made in Canada and can withstand the harsh Canadian outdoor conditions. These systems remain unsurpassable in terms of performance and durability.

The sauna stoves are ideal for outdoor sauna enthusiasts. These industry-best wood fired sauna stoves are perfectly engineered by Saunacore to meet every challenge head on. Providing an exceptional level of durability, they deliver all the functionalities you get from outdoor saunas.

Competitor’s sauna models look the same; but they are definitely not built of solid materials and have a highly-efficient performing design ensuring maximum performance.

Final Thought –

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Making a Right Choice of Wood-Fired Sauna Stoves

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The wood fired sauna stoves are the oldest type of sauna stove available on the market and provide the most authentic sauna experience than any of heaters. They are also one of the affordable types of sauna stoves. While the initial cost of wood sauna stoves is a bit more than the rest, the money saving on long term on the utilities makes them one of the cost-effective options.

Wood fired sauna stoves can operate on the principal of radiant heat that warms the area much faster and efficiently than warm air being blown through the residential vent system. The powerful heat from the wood stove radiates from all sides of the sauna as well as the top, providing warmth in different directions.

When it comes to buying sauna stoves, Timberline and Saunacore wood fired sauna stoves come into the picture. Before making a final decision, you should take a look at both the types of sauna stoves to know them better:

Wood Fired Sauna Heater

Timberline Wood Sauna Stove –

In a new Timberline wood sauna stove includes the traditional features of wood fired heaters and modern design. These stoves are engineered perfectly to ensure efficiency and durability. They are only made from the highest-quality materials and the low pricing deals make the Timberline wood sauna stove stand out in the wood fired heater marketplace.

Wood Sauna Stove

In the last few years, Timberline has become a common name in the wood fired spa heater industry. It’s because of the fact that these stoves are built with only top-quality materials in Europe and available with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

These wood fired stoves are designed in such a way that they can balance the traditional features of wood fired heaters with modern design. However, the affordable pricing and superior manufacturing standard have made it difficult for other manufacturers to compete with them. Even, you can do a thorough research on Timberline wood sauna stoves before taking a final call.

 SaunaCore Country Living Wood Stoves –

SaunaCore Country Living Wood Stoves are truly authentic wood burning sauna stoves that are engineered to outperform the competition in both design and engineering. They are manufactured in Canada to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. In addition to, these stoves remain unparalleled in durability, efficiency, and performance.

Moreover, the country living wood sauna stoves are perfect options for those who are seeking for outdoor sauna experience. SaunaCore has engineered these industry-best wood burning sauna stoves to meet each and every challenge head on.

With the exceptional efficiency and durability, they deliver all the functions you will need in order to get outdoor saunas hot. Remember that, competitor models look same like SaunaCore; but they are not constructed out of the same quality material. And don’t have an efficient performing design as the SaunaCore stoves.

Investing in Top-Quality Wood Fired Sauna Stoves

After looking at the pointers regarding both SaunaCore and Timberline sauna stoves, we hope you’ll make a right choice. No matter whatever wood sauna stoves you want to buy, you should shop only at Heaters4Saunas. We have extensive selection of sauna kits and accessories to choose from.

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Buy the Sauna Stove that Best Suits You

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Sub Heading:

Choose the sauna stove from the different types of sauna stoves available that best suits you


Thinking of buying sauna stove? But confused which one to buy? Investment on sauna must be made carefully as it is expensive. Knowing which sauna is best suited for you is the key factor that makes sauna buying relatively easier for you. Have a look at the various sauna stoves available and choose the right one accordingly.

Wood Sauna Stoves:

Wood sauna stoves are the original and traditional sauna type. In these stoves wood is burnt in the stoves to heat up the sauna. The requisite temperature is reached by controlling the amount of fire in the stove. The humidity of the sauna is controlled by throwing some water on the heated rocks.

Wood Sauna Stove

Electric Sauna Stoves:

Today, electric sauna stoves are widely used. These are available since 1950s. Electric alternatives are safe, stylish, efficient and easy to use. Often these electric saunas are controlled by remote controls.


Smoke Sauna Stoves:

Smoke sauna has a big wood-burning stove and it doesn’t have chimneys unlike other saunas. Such type of saunas are rarely found today as they take many hours by burning a lot of wood to heat the massive rock.

Steam Sauna Stoves:

Humidity level of steam sauna room is 100% and the temperature is much lower than the traditional saunas. The temperature is controlled by a thermostat reaching the level of 49 degrees Celsius.

Infrared Sauna Stoves:

This system is based on the person’s body heat rather than on the air heating. Water is not used in infrared sauna rooms hence experiencing the steamy sauna is not possible. This type of sauna is good for toning muscles and relaxing the body.


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Enjoy Sauna Choosing Wood Sauna Stoves

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People today; prefer alternative medicines in order to get rid of various side effect of the current medication. People love to maintain a natural life which is free from complicacy and hassle. This is the reason, sauna is on demand. Maximum people today, push themselves for the sauna. This is specially built cabin which is able to cater you dry and wet sessions of the same. Apart from them, there are a smoke sauna, steam sauna and even infrared wave sauna available those are working excellently in order to keep your body fit. Presently, you have plenty of different sauna options available and they have a dissimilar heat source like gas, wood, electricity. All these saunas are customized and they will work according to your desire.

Why steer for wood sauna stoves?

The heating process is the main thing for sauna and then without the heat, sauna is a mere room. In order to get the perfect heat, these heaters are playing the key role. While them heating up, the air gets heat by default and it will sweat out horrid toxins and cleanse the skin at the same time. If you are staying in countryside areas, you can easily avail the wood fired sauna heaters(

People those are still sticking in conventional choice, they never give up wood sauna stoves. These are something those will cater perfect result with lesser carbon footprint for the environment. They usually come with combustion chamber where users can easily control air flow. When you accelerate the burning, the air flow gets higher. When the air flow is controlled perfectly, the room temperature gets controlled according to your requirement.

Apart from them, these are smartly made in order to out the smoke which has been generated y burning the wood. The smoke will successfully draw outside by the metal smoke pipe attached to the top of the stove. Plus, someone can easily watch the flame while taking a sauna. Apart from them, these stoves come with the simple installation process. That means they won’t need any special skill or any special tools to be installed. If you are cozy with fireplace or wood stove, you can easily install that in your room without much hassle. If you are thinking about water jackets and shower plump, they all are including in the option of portable wood sauna heaters. All these stoves come with a traditional finish and they will truly make your sauna enjoyable. Apart from artificial sauna heating options, wood sauna stove will make your health better without any side effect.

Wood Fired Sauna Stove: How to Set Up

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The crackling sound and beautiful aroma coming from a wood sauna stove definitely add to your sauna bathing experience. If you have a space in your home or in an exterior sauna cabin where you can set up a wood-fired sauna heater, we’ve some useful installation tips for you.

Installing wood fired sauna stove:

A wood-fired sauna stove is quite like a wood-fired fire place and you should know the regional building code and also manufacture specifications needed for appropriate clearance from flammables in the sauna room. Let’s find out how to install your wood sauna stove

  • The base or floor on which the sauna stove will sit must be a minimum of two inches of concrete, or ¼ inch thick fiber-resistant concrete plate sheltered by a metal coat.
  • Moreover, the base in the front of the sauna stove should be protected, employing an acceptable material that expands 12 inches beyond the thickness of the oven entrance & 18 inches in front of it.
  • The wood-fired heater mustn’t be closer than 12 inches from any wall. In the case it’s closer, the wall should be sheltered with a flame-proof shield.
  • A wood-fired sauna stove should be coupled either to a UL-approved Stainless Steel Class “A” Insulated Chimney or a sound masonry chimney.
  • Look for the heater instructions to comprehend the requirements for the stove pipe that links the stove to the chimney.
  • Sauna rooms that have a wood fired sauna heater should have an outer air intake vent. Since sauna heaters fueled by wood can be tough to control & can get extremely hot, you will require a vent that has an adjustable cover to let more air to flow into the sauna room.

Fire up your wood sauna stove:

  • Majority of the sauna stoves can contain firewood up to 16 inches in length. The firewood must be cut a minimum of one year beforehand, be perfectly dried, and be protected from the weather if it is to stay outdoors.Consider buying a wood fired sauna heater that features a glass window to boost your fire-gazing enjoyment, plus it’ll offer the room an aesthetic feel. A sauna heater powered by wood provides soft heat & the delightful experience of a sputtering wood fire.

    Nevertheless, a wood sauna stove set up is a complicated practice with its own concerns for stovepipe & chimney connections, so it is generally a smart idea to appoint a professional to do the installation work.

    Have a look at our wide range of wood sauna stoves and choose one that best fit your needs. We at Heaters4Saunas stock some of the finest wood sauna stoves in the industry. If you have any query about our products, then please feel free to contact us at 1-800-759-8990 or e-mail us at .

Tips to Find the Best of Electric Sauna Heaters for Your Sauna

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The heating effect of sauna usually comes from the sauna heater. Therefore, all kinds of heaters, especially electric sauna heaters should always be chosen from high quality brand manufacturers that use premium materials. Many of the electric sauna heaters in the market are manufactured with 304 grade stainless steel and offered with a limited period warranty.  The power output of electric sauna stoves varies from small sized 3.0 KW to commercial sized 21 KW heater. They either have a built in mechanical sauna controller or an optional digital controller located outside to activate the sauna heater.

Making the perfect choice when purchasing a new sauna heater is very essential. You may question yourself whether to pick up a gas, wood, electric, or infrared heater. All of them have their merits and demerits, but the electric stove is the most familiar one and that is for strong reasons. They are the simpler to use and the most fitting sauna heaters on the market nowadays, which makes them investment-worthy for whoever wants to enjoy time in the sauna.

Electric Sauna Heaters

Electric sauna heaters are available in a great many varieties and can be either wall mounted or free standing unit. Unlike wood burning heaters, these involve the least hassle of operation. The user need not have to get wood stocked in the home and ignite them in the heater. It is very often problematic to control the temperature at a soothing point in a wood heater, which is painlessly easier in case of an electric sauna heater. The cost factor is higher when someone uses an infrared or gas heater. On the whole, electric heaters top the preference list of sauna users for a reason.

If you are in the market to purchase the best electric sauna heater, you may get confused a lot and end up making a mistake. We have discussed here all the features that you actually need to look for before a purchase.  Stay with us to know them all and find the best of the electric stoves on offer. Hopefully, this one will be the perfect guide for all of you waiting to purchase an electric sauna heater soon!

Electric Sauna Heaters

  1. Size: - The 1st thing to consider when looking to purchase an electric sauna heater is the size of your sauna. It is the actual volume of your sauna which will decide the model of electric heater you will need, as well as whether it suits your available space or not. For every sauna heater purchaser, the power needs to sauna size instructions are given in the product specification table for reference. So, go on checking the individual model and match it with your own sauna size.
  1. Weight: - The weight of the electric sauna heater is the next consideration since installing an over-sized unit on the ceiling or wall with a thin cladding may cause a safety hazard. So, an electric sauna heater in appropriate size should be chosen for your sauna room in consultation with an expert.
  • Mechanical or Digital Controller: - Whether your sauna controller operates manually or digitally? A controller is necessary for a sauna so that the user will never have to bother about turning off the sauna heater. In comparison to the digital sauna controller, the built-in mechanical controller will cost less, but both will work to lower the chance of a fire breakout or needlessly high utility bills.
  1. Power Output: - Know the power output of your domestic line and whether it is able to supply power required for the electric sauna heater, with the present load of appliances in your home. Otherwise, a 9 or 10.5 KW sauna heater may trip out the power supply.
  • Safety: - When looking to enjoy soaking in the warmth of your electric sauna heater, it’s necessary to know the product you choose is safe and reliable. So, go for the electric sauna heaters that are UL, CSA, and CE certified and assure to create a safer surroundings.

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Invest On a Wood Fired Heater to Experience the Next Level Outdoor Sauna Bathing

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The sauna, by definition, is a specially constructed cabin or insulated room where the user can experience both wet & dry sessions of the same. There’re smoke sauna, wet sauna, dry sauna, steam sauna, and even those working with infrared waves. It effectively limits all sorts of direct radiations such as light, infra red, and electromagnetic. In the current scenario, there’re several types of sauna options that employ different kinds of heat sources such as gas, electricity, wood, and unconventional practices such as solar energy. To enjoy its effect, all you have to do is choose a heater that fits your preferences. In short, a sauna without a heater is just a simple room.

There’re 4 kinds of sauna heater; they’re gas & oil burning sauna heaters, electric sauna heaters, wood fired sauna heaters and infrared heaters. These heaters definitely play an important part in heating up the air exist in any room: so the users can get the much desired effect from their investment. If you’re living in a country side or have easy access to wood, then wood fired sauna heater would be your best option.

Wood Fired Sauna Heaters

Wood Fired Heaters Perfect Option for Outdoor Saunas:

For any outdoor sauna wood fired sauna heaters come as a perfect option. It features a combustion chamber where air-flow can be nicely controlled. Faster the wood burn the higher is the air flow. When this air flow is controlled properly, the degree of room temperature is sustained to an extent. In a wood burning sauna heater, the risk of smoke getting through the sauna is decreased, as it’s drawn out by a metal smoke tube, which is fitted on its roof. Moreover, wood sauna heaters have glass doors & one can easily keep an eye on the flame while taking a sauna bath. It’s fitting is much like a fireplace or wood stove. Shower pumps and water jackets are integrated in the option of portable wood fired sauna heater that heat water.

No doubt wood fired heaters can be adapted to indoor saunas; but they’re more customarily employed in outdoor saunas where there is no electric supply. This alternative does have the pros that it doesn’t consume any heating or electric expenses and the healing benefits, which help for a healthier lifestyle.

Just imagine the inviting smells of wood & resin and the rejuvenating crackle of the fire. Then add the occasional sputter of water on the stones & billowing clouds of steam that bathe the windows in mist & set the air sparkling with deep-penetrating waves of heat. There is something special about a wood-fired sauna.

Buy high quality wood fired sauna heaters online from Northern Lights and rest assured that you are going to take your outdoor sauna bathing experience to another level. For any help, contact our sales team on 1-800-759-8990.

How Do You Enjoy a Spa Session at Home?

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Seeking for tranquility or a luxurious retreat at home? Then, saunas can be a convenient place to relax and rejuvenate after a prolonged work schedule. Unless you are from Finland, where one can find more saunas than cars, you may not consider installing a sauna at home.

Though it’s a significant investment, once installed, a sauna can add value to your home. It requires very little upkeep while providing you with a lot of health benefits.

Unlike hot tubs and swimming pools, saunas rarely need maintenance. Apart from periodic cleaning of the floor, you can leave saunas alone completely. All types of sauna heaters – electric, infrared, and wood burning sauna stoves have few moving parts and rarely break down.


How Do You Enjoy a Sauna Session at Home?

1. Install DIY sauna kits gently or take the help from professionals to install wood sauna stoves carefully.

2. After the installation, let the sauna heat up and prepare to spend the time to enjoy and relax.

3. Remember, you can take a sauna session at any time of the day. Usually, take a sauna session in the morning to invigorate and rejuvenate and at night to relax and sleep.

4. Heat up the sauna beforehand – at least 10-15 minutes early.

5. If you’re not accustomed to the temperatures, start taking spa at lower temperatures until your body becomes tolerable. Let your body endure different temperature over regular sauna sessions.

6. Try to wear a little clothing as possible. It will allow the body to release and penetrating heat.

7. If you’ve any medical conditions or disorders, you should consult with your physicians.

8. You need to take a warm shower to remove any perspiration, deodorants before entering the sauna. First, relax on the top level bench for at least 10-15 minutes.

9. Lying down in sauna offers complete relaxation. The dry heat will increase the rate of blood circulation and bring the body to perspire effortlessly.

10. Once you’re done with sauna, you should consider taking a cool shower. It will close the opened pores, refresh, and leave you invigorated.

11. You should take rest for at least 10-15 minutes to let your body cool down slowly.

12. A sauna is a perfect option for those suffering from tiredness, acne, sleeping, tension, or stress. Remember, arthritis and rheumatism, muscle and joint ache sufferers will find the sauna heat much relaxing and reinvigorating.

Conclusion –

Want to experience relaxation from a spa session at home? Consider placing the order of wood sauna stoves at Heaters4Saunas. We have the best selection of wood burning sauna heaters including Timberline Wood Sauna Stove – Stainless Steel Sauna Heater with 650 cubic feet heating capacity and Saunacore Wood Fired Sauna Heater with 850 cubic feet heating capacity.

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Traditional Sauna Experience with Wood Sauna Stoves

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Back to the days – before the introduction of electricity in Northern Europe, saunas were heated naturally with wood burning heaters. Now-a-days, wood-fired heaters have also become the most preferred choice of sauna enthusiasts. Actually, they appreciate the benefits of sprinkling water over the hot rocks.

Why to Use Wood Sauna Stoves?

Wood fired sauna stoves have a specific chamber – which’s designed to be filled with high-temperature rocks. These rocks can absorb the energy from the wood fire and radiate the heat into the sauna room.

The main reason behind using a wood-fired heater in a sauna is that it doesn’t use electricity for heating purposes. This means the stoves are the perfect alternatives to use in off-grid cottages and remote locations. But a number of sauna enthusiasts prefer wood-burning stoves for therapeutic benefits even if they have access to electricity.

Amongst all available wood burning stoves in the market, Timberline has garnered a great reputation for being the ideal choice and ensuring a traditional sauna experience.

Timberline Wood Sauna Stoves –

Timberline Wood Sauna Stoves are common names in the wood burning heater industry. It’s because, the Timberline sauna supplies are built with only the world-class materials in Europe and are available with 5-year manufacturer warranty.

These stoves are engineered in such a way to perfectly balance the traditional features of wood-fired heaters with contemporary design. The economical pricing and superior standard build have made it difficult to beat the Timberline Wood Sauna Stoves.

Wood Sauna Stove

The Key Features of a Timberline Sauna Stove –

•    Timberline Wood Sauna Stoves are made in Europe.

•    The sauna heater comprises of top quality stainless steel exterior wall in order to offer a rust-free look during the exposure to outdoor conditions.

•    Its stainless steel exterior wall is separated from the interior heating box and is vented to radiate interior heat conveniently while minimizing the exterior wall temperature.

•    The round shaped exterior corners offer the stove a sleek yet unique appearance – ensuring an effortless and safe installation.

•    The heating box in the interior part is built from thick, durable steel designed to absorb heat and radiate it into the sauna space.

•    A high resistant paint is coated in the interior heating box to protect and extend the durability of interior steel.

•    The sauna stove box facing to the top is designed to work perfectly with the special high-temperature sauna stones.

•    The Timberline Wood Sauna Stoves are completely safe to use with water. Hence, you can pour water onto the sauna stoves while using them. So, the hot rocks will produce steam. Hence, your muscle will feel relaxed when toxins stored in sweat gland start expelling.

•    There’s a special high heat-resistant glass door – which separates the firewood chamber and allows the light fire to illuminate the sauna interior for a rusting ambience.

•    The stove has a removable ash catching tray – which helps in expelling the ash waste from the stove.

•    There’s a chimney port mounted on the top – designed in a way to eject the smoke in an upward direction.

•    This sauna stove is the right option for cottages and remote areas – where there’s no electricity.

•    It’s used for a barrel of log outdoor sauna applications.

•    It doesn’t feature sauna stones and chimney pipes.

Conclusion –

Do you want a traditional sauna experience? Check out the specifications and special features of Timberline Wood Sauna Stoves at Heater4Saunas and discover how the traditional features of wood-fired sauna heaters meet the modern design. For more information about our products, please visit our website at

What are the Different Types of Sauna Supplies and Accessories?

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Saunas have become the latest craze among the people who want to live a healthier lifestyle. An effective sauna session can aid your body to get rid of the numerous toxins in the form of sweat as well as also proves to be useful in alleviating a host of medical conditions. After a sauna session, you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. To make the most out of your sauna session, you need to consider some essentials sauna supplies and accessories.

There are different types of sauna supplies and accessories that you can consider to enhance your sauna experience. Here is a list of sauna accessories and supplies that you can consider enjoying an optimal sauna session please have a look!

  1. Sauna Heaters:

It is important to consider the right type of sauna heater that suits your requirement. The sauna heaters are available in three different types of electric heaters, infrared heaters and wood fired heaters. The heater is an important part of the sauna that can help you enjoy an effective and relaxing heat session.

  1. Rocks:

The sauna rocks are used during the sauna session, as these rocks absorb the heat in a better way. During the heat session, you can pour water on the rocks, which will help in creating the right amount of steam and humidity in the sauna. Remember that the sauna rocks are special (usually igneous rocks) that can easily withstand the intense heat. Whereas the normal rocks may not hold the heat and could explode into smaller chunks of rock (when you pour water on the rocks) during a heat session.

  1. Bucket and Ladle:

An essential sauna accessory, the bucket and ladle play an important role in enhancing your heat session. A wooden sauna bucket that is comfortable to carry and can stock a good amount of water will prove to be the best choice. You can store the water in the bucket and use the ladle to splash the water over the hot stones to create the vapor.

  1. Thermometers:

One of the most important sauna accessories or supplies, the thermometer is required to know the correct temperatures. You can easily hang your thermometer inside the sauna room to be aware of the maximum or minimum heating temperature of the sauna temperature.

  1. Headrests and Benches:

To make your sauna experience comfortable, you can consider buying the right type of headrests and benches. By using the headrests or benches, you will accent your sauna nicely and make your sauna experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

  1. Lights:

If you want to give a stylish touch to your sauna, then consider using the right type of lights. Adding the right type of lights help in creating a tranquil and peaceful sauna ambiance that will enhance your heat session.

  1. Essential Fragrance :

Essential Oil is a major part of the Sauna system; For a soothing relaxation in mind, the aromatic oil fragrance rejuvenates the entire arena.

Do you want to buy the best quality and effective sauna supplies and accessories? Heaters4Saunas is a one stop shop for all types of latest sauna supplies and accessories. At our online store, you will find a great selection of sauna accessories and supplies for sale at affordable rates.