Wood Fired Sauna Heaters – Basic Details for Potential Users

Wood sauna stoves are widely seen in European households and they are the traditional means of giving them warm relaxing feel in a sauna. Many of these sauna users trust in the soft and soothing heat generated by wood fired sauna heaters, and want to enjoy its aroma and sound that is really unique and can’t be replicated.

Wood Sauna Stoves – How They Work?

The installation of wood burning stove is the same as a gas or an electric sauna heater, but needs a chimney to release smoke properly. Though the fire is ignited by the natural burning of wood, but the heat generated will have to get laden with rocks, because they can diffuse the heat faster and create better warmth. The wood fired sauna heaters are mostly designed to draw air from the outer region of the sauna wherever required. It saves the users from competing with the sauna heat for oxygen supply or feeling suffocated inside! Wood stoves are made to maintain the heat inside the sauna to a temperature in the range of 60 to 90 °C.

What Kind of Woods are Perfect for Them?

The amount of heat produced from wood fired sauna heaters depends more on the kind of wood chosen for burning than its size or capacity. Hard and heavy woods like ironbark, greybox and maple burn hotter and longer than soft quality wood like pine. The aroma of the woods also varies according to their variety. These sauna heaters are perfect for living in any country area where firewood is available in abundance.

Wood Fired Sauna Heater

What are Safety Concerns?

The overheating by wood burning should be avoided in the sauna otherwise users may not get enough oxygen for breathing in the soaking room. Therefore, the sauna room should be properly designed and have space for proper ventilation. If too much smoke gets deposited in it,then breathing can get difficult for sauna users. So, it is required to keep the chimney clean and clear. The frequency of cleaning will rely on what kind of wood you use and how often.

To minimize the smoke inside and prevent burning wood from falling on the sauna bench or floor accidentally, users will have to consider keeping the opening of this furnace towards outside of the sauna. Again, if the stove is small in size, then they will possibly have to come out of the sauna to stoke it up.

The temperature control in wood sauna stoves can’t be as good as it is in electric heaters or gas heaters. To get the temperature set at the right point, users will have to practice a lot. In fact, they will have to use a quality thermometer to set the temperature at the desired point.

What are Their Ultimate Benefits?

With wood burning stoves, people can have the following benefits:

  • Rustic, relaxing and pleasant feel
  • Aromatic smell and soothing warmness
  • Economical way to soak in the sauna
  • Comparatively easy to install and operate

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