The Choice of Wood for Your Sauna Can Make the Total Difference Between Absolute Relaxation & Interruptions

Saunas are turning out to be more and more recognized amongst owners of holiday homes. A lot of holiday homes are placed in isolated areas where the accessibility of energy is intermittent at best. Due to this, sauna owners prefer to utilize wood fired sauna heaters rather typical electric heaters.

Fortunately, most holiday homes are placed in areas where abundance firewood is accessible. To rectify worries that smoke breathing from burning wood isn’t ideal for the lungs, latest sauna heaters are equipped with tubes to exhaust the smoke from the chamber and throw it outside. This feature is very helpful, especially for cottages or exterior sauna rooms.

Just like in fireplaces, the selection of wood to be utilized in a sauna heater is rather important. There’re several different sorts of wood to pick from, particularly in alpine or forested regions, but just a few will offer users both the type of quick, hot burn required for fast heating and an odor that’s particularly attractive when you’re inside a sauna.

The 1st principle of selecting wood for your sauna is look out for seasoning. A well-seasoned firewood is pretty parched and nearly breakable. At the same time “Green” wood is pliable and consist no noticeable cracks. This signifies that water is maintained in the wood, and the flames, it generates won’t be blistering enough to heat the sauna stones.

The 2nd benchmark for firewood is the existence of liquid. When fired, wood liquid collects in pipes and chimneys, developing a layer known as creosote. If seasoned appropriately, good firewood has negligible sap content, decreasing the jeopardy of creosote restricting in the tubes of your sauna heater and overcrowding the room with unfriendly smoke.

Amongst the recommended kinds of wood to employ in sauna heaters are beech, ash, yew and hawthorn. Obviously, firewood should be kept in a dry and safe place to keep it away from moisture.

The selection of wood can truly make the difference between absolute relaxation & interruptions brought about by hissing, crackling, and extreme or disagreeable smoke. Visit Heaters4Saunas to check out our whole collection of quality wood fired sauna heaters. We also offer the best price for our DIY Sauna Kits. In addition, we offer a superb selection of sauna showers to match any sauna rooms. Dial us at 1-800-759-8990 if you have any doubt about our service. We’re for your help 24×7!