Top 4 Suppliers Of Sauna Supplies in Canada

When it comes to sauna supplies you can ask any experienced sauna bather about the importance of the right sauna accessories. Oftentimes it is the sauna supplies that can make all the difference between a first-rate and poor bathing experience. If used properly, different sauna supplies can certainly create an ambiance that is absolutely tailor made for a relaxing & refreshing soak in the calming heat of a sauna.

No doubt, when it comes to buy sauna accessories you will come across a great number of service providers. But the question is how to choose the most reliable one. To help you, in this post, I have shortlisted a few top names in the field of sauna supplies in Canada. Here we go:

New Life Sauna:

A Toronto based custom Sauna supplier, New Life deal with only the top-quality sauna components, encompassing custom saunas, sauna heaters, and those all essential sauna accessories that you need to add warmth to your home sauna. For those who love to build something with their own hands & save some cash, New Life Sauna offers pre-cut sauna kits and everything else you require to construct your own sauna. The firm also offers mobile saunas for those who are always on the go.

Sauna Specialist:

Sauna Specialist is a family-based Canadian firm that shines on offering personalized concepts & making of hand-made saunas, perfect for both outdoor and indoor installation. They specialize in custom-built Finnish sauna interior & sauna exterior with high-quality dehydrated wood specifically engineered for sauna use. They provide a range of wood essences heater options & door combinations while offering you with a variety of sauna supplies including wooden towel rack. Wooden bucket with liner, headrest, bamboo pillow, copper bucket, floor mats, custom glass door, and copper ladle among others.


Heater4Saunas, A top Canadian company that specializes in offering all the essential sauna supplies needed by sauna owners from top brands only. They carry a wonderful line of sauna accessories including heaters, sauna buckets & ladles, chemicals, vapor foil, thermometers, hour glass timers, sealants, multipurpose sauna pillow, traditional sauna hat, Cedar Sauna bucket, Pine sauna bucket with liner, hygrometer, Cedar sauna accessory kit, sauna replacement rocks, body scrub & massager, explosion proof sauna light and the list goes on.

Nordic Energy Systems:

Nordic Energy Systems has served the Sudbury region with high-quality sauna sales, installations and maintenance for nearly forty years. Besides, offering high-quality indoor and outdoor saunas for sale, the company also offers a great variety of sauna accessories to give users an authentic sauna experience without breaking their bank. Some of the sauna supplies they specialize in offering includes Vinyl Floor Runner, Cedar Wooden Headrest/Backrest, Bark Accented Pegboard, Stainless Steel Bucket with Cedar Handle, Wooden Floor Mat, Cedar Sauna Essence, Cedar Bucket with Stainless Steel Liner, Cedar Bucket with Plastic Liner, and many others.

Every Sauna Suppliers comes with their range of products. You can choose the best which suits your residential or commercial needs. For all of your sauna supplies you can certainly depend on these above mentioned companies as they have carried the reputation of being Canada’s top sauna suppliers and with good reasons.