Traditional Sauna Experience with Wood Sauna Stoves

Back to the days – before the introduction of electricity in Northern Europe, saunas were heated naturally with wood burning heaters. Now-a-days, wood-fired heaters have also become the most preferred choice of sauna enthusiasts. Actually, they appreciate the benefits of sprinkling water over the hot rocks.

Why to Use Wood Sauna Stoves?

Wood fired sauna stoves have a specific chamber – which’s designed to be filled with high-temperature rocks. These rocks can absorb the energy from the wood fire and radiate the heat into the sauna room.

The main reason behind using a wood-fired heater in a sauna is that it doesn’t use electricity for heating purposes. This means the stoves are the perfect alternatives to use in off-grid cottages and remote locations. But a number of sauna enthusiasts prefer wood-burning stoves for therapeutic benefits even if they have access to electricity.

Amongst all available wood burning stoves in the market, Timberline has garnered a great reputation for being the ideal choice and ensuring a traditional sauna experience.

Timberline Wood Sauna Stoves –

Timberline Wood Sauna Stoves are common names in the wood burning heater industry. It’s because, the Timberline sauna supplies are built with only the world-class materials in Europe and are available with 5-year manufacturer warranty.

These stoves are engineered in such a way to perfectly balance the traditional features of wood-fired heaters with contemporary design. The economical pricing and superior standard build have made it difficult to beat the Timberline Wood Sauna Stoves.

Wood Sauna Stove

The Key Features of a Timberline Sauna Stove –

•    Timberline Wood Sauna Stoves are made in Europe.

•    The sauna heater comprises of top quality stainless steel exterior wall in order to offer a rust-free look during the exposure to outdoor conditions.

•    Its stainless steel exterior wall is separated from the interior heating box and is vented to radiate interior heat conveniently while minimizing the exterior wall temperature.

•    The round shaped exterior corners offer the stove a sleek yet unique appearance – ensuring an effortless and safe installation.

•    The heating box in the interior part is built from thick, durable steel designed to absorb heat and radiate it into the sauna space.

•    A high resistant paint is coated in the interior heating box to protect and extend the durability of interior steel.

•    The sauna stove box facing to the top is designed to work perfectly with the special high-temperature sauna stones.

•    The Timberline Wood Sauna Stoves are completely safe to use with water. Hence, you can pour water onto the sauna stoves while using them. So, the hot rocks will produce steam. Hence, your muscle will feel relaxed when toxins stored in sweat gland start expelling.

•    There’s a special high heat-resistant glass door – which separates the firewood chamber and allows the light fire to illuminate the sauna interior for a rusting ambience.

•    The stove has a removable ash catching tray – which helps in expelling the ash waste from the stove.

•    There’s a chimney port mounted on the top – designed in a way to eject the smoke in an upward direction.

•    This sauna stove is the right option for cottages and remote areas – where there’s no electricity.

•    It’s used for a barrel of log outdoor sauna applications.

•    It doesn’t feature sauna stones and chimney pipes.

Conclusion –

Do you want a traditional sauna experience? Check out the specifications and special features of Timberline Wood Sauna Stoves at Heater4Saunas and discover how the traditional features of wood-fired sauna heaters meet the modern design. For more information about our products, please visit our website at