Invest On a Wood Fired Heater to Experience the Next Level Outdoor Sauna Bathing

The sauna, by definition, is a specially constructed cabin or insulated room where the user can experience both wet & dry sessions of the same. There’re smoke sauna, wet sauna, dry sauna, steam sauna, and even those working with infrared waves. It effectively limits all sorts of direct radiations such as light, infra red, and electromagnetic. In the current scenario, there’re several types of sauna options that employ different kinds of heat sources such as gas, electricity, wood, and unconventional practices such as solar energy. To enjoy its effect, all you have to do is choose a heater that fits your preferences. In short, a sauna without a heater is just a simple room.

There’re 4 kinds of sauna heater; they’re gas & oil burning sauna heaters, electric sauna heaters, wood fired sauna heaters and infrared heaters. These heaters definitely play an important part in heating up the air exist in any room: so the users can get the much desired effect from their investment. If you’re living in a country side or have easy access to wood, then wood fired sauna heater would be your best option.

Wood Fired Sauna Heaters

Wood Fired Heaters Perfect Option for Outdoor Saunas:

For any outdoor sauna wood fired sauna heaters come as a perfect option. It features a combustion chamber where air-flow can be nicely controlled. Faster the wood burn the higher is the air flow. When this air flow is controlled properly, the degree of room temperature is sustained to an extent. In a wood burning sauna heater, the risk of smoke getting through the sauna is decreased, as it’s drawn out by a metal smoke tube, which is fitted on its roof. Moreover, wood sauna heaters have glass doors & one can easily keep an eye on the flame while taking a sauna bath. It’s fitting is much like a fireplace or wood stove. Shower pumps and water jackets are integrated in the option of portable wood fired sauna heater that heat water.

No doubt wood fired heaters can be adapted to indoor saunas; but they’re more customarily employed in outdoor saunas where there is no electric supply. This alternative does have the pros that it doesn’t consume any heating or electric expenses and the healing benefits, which help for a healthier lifestyle.

Just imagine the inviting smells of wood & resin and the rejuvenating crackle of the fire. Then add the occasional sputter of water on the stones & billowing clouds of steam that bathe the windows in mist & set the air sparkling with deep-penetrating waves of heat. There is something special about a wood-fired sauna.

Buy high quality wood fired sauna heaters online from Northern Lights and rest assured that you are going to take your outdoor sauna bathing experience to another level. For any help, contact our sales team on 1-800-759-8990.