Shopping for the Right Wood Sauna Stoves

Before the discovery of the electricity in Northern Europe, saunas were heated naturally with the help of wood fired heaters. Currently it’s the preferred choice of heating among sauna enthusiasts, especially when they appreciate the benefits of sprinkling water over the hot rocks.

Wood fired heaters are equipped with a chamber designed to be filled with special high temperature rocks. These rocks usually absorb the thermal energy of the wood fire and radiate heat into the sauna room.

One of the main benefits of using a wood burning sauna heater is that it doesn’t require any electricity. These stoves are perfect for use in off grid cottage applications or remote locations though a lot of customers prefer them for therapeutic benefits even they do have access to electricity.

Wood Sauna Stove

Timberline Wood Sauna Stove:

Timberline wood sauna stoves are engineered to balance the traditional features of wood fired heaters with modern design. The affordable pricing and superior quality build make it really difficult for other manufacturers to compete with Timberline wood sauna stoves.

The traditional specifications of wood burning heaters are combined with modern design in the latest Timberline wood sauna stove. Perfectly engineered for efficiency and durability, these stoves are made from the highest standard materials. The low pricing make them stand out in the wood fired heater marketplace.

These sauna stoves have two parts, an internal wood fire box made of thick steel that absorbs heat and an external box made of top quality stainless steel that offers the heater a beautiful look while preventing rust. The Timberline sauna stoves include a ceramic infused heat resistant glass door that males the fire’s soft glow to brighten up the sauna room.

The sauna stoves come with a removable ash catcher to allow the ash waste to be removed easily. In addition to, they have a top box that is designed to fit 25lbs of the special high temperature sauna stones. This stove can be installed into a sauna as the lighting of the internal wood fire heats it quickly and effortlessly.

Saunacore Country Living Wood Stoves

Saunacore Country Living Wood Stoves are truly authentic wood burning sauna stoves that are perfectly engineered to outperform the competition in terms of design and engineering. They are made in Canada and can withstand the harsh Canadian outdoor conditions. These systems remain unsurpassable in terms of performance and durability.

The sauna stoves are ideal for outdoor sauna enthusiasts. These industry-best wood fired sauna stoves are perfectly engineered by Saunacore to meet every challenge head on. Providing an exceptional level of durability, they deliver all the functionalities you get from outdoor saunas.

Competitor’s sauna models look the same; but they are definitely not built of solid materials and have a highly-efficient performing design ensuring maximum performance.

Final Thought –

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