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Tips to Find the Best of Electric Sauna Heaters for Your Sauna

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The heating effect of sauna usually comes from the sauna heater. Therefore, all kinds of heaters, especially electric sauna heaters should always be chosen from high quality brand manufacturers that use premium materials. Many of the electric sauna heaters in the market are manufactured with 304 grade stainless steel and offered with a limited period warranty.  The power output of electric sauna stoves varies from small sized 3.0 KW to commercial sized 21 KW heater. They either have a built in mechanical sauna controller or an optional digital controller located outside to activate the sauna heater.

Making the perfect choice when purchasing a new sauna heater is very essential. You may question yourself whether to pick up a gas, wood, electric, or infrared heater. All of them have their merits and demerits, but the electric stove is the most familiar one and that is for strong reasons. They are the simpler to use and the most fitting sauna heaters on the market nowadays, which makes them investment-worthy for whoever wants to enjoy time in the sauna.

Electric Sauna Heaters

Electric sauna heaters are available in a great many varieties and can be either wall mounted or free standing unit. Unlike wood burning heaters, these involve the least hassle of operation. The user need not have to get wood stocked in the home and ignite them in the heater. It is very often problematic to control the temperature at a soothing point in a wood heater, which is painlessly easier in case of an electric sauna heater. The cost factor is higher when someone uses an infrared or gas heater. On the whole, electric heaters top the preference list of sauna users for a reason.

If you are in the market to purchase the best electric sauna heater, you may get confused a lot and end up making a mistake. We have discussed here all the features that you actually need to look for before a purchase.  Stay with us to know them all and find the best of the electric stoves on offer. Hopefully, this one will be the perfect guide for all of you waiting to purchase an electric sauna heater soon!

Electric Sauna Heaters

  1. Size: - The 1st thing to consider when looking to purchase an electric sauna heater is the size of your sauna. It is the actual volume of your sauna which will decide the model of electric heater you will need, as well as whether it suits your available space or not. For every sauna heater purchaser, the power needs to sauna size instructions are given in the product specification table for reference. So, go on checking the individual model and match it with your own sauna size.
  1. Weight: - The weight of the electric sauna heater is the next consideration since installing an over-sized unit on the ceiling or wall with a thin cladding may cause a safety hazard. So, an electric sauna heater in appropriate size should be chosen for your sauna room in consultation with an expert.
  • Mechanical or Digital Controller: - Whether your sauna controller operates manually or digitally? A controller is necessary for a sauna so that the user will never have to bother about turning off the sauna heater. In comparison to the digital sauna controller, the built-in mechanical controller will cost less, but both will work to lower the chance of a fire breakout or needlessly high utility bills.
  1. Power Output: - Know the power output of your domestic line and whether it is able to supply power required for the electric sauna heater, with the present load of appliances in your home. Otherwise, a 9 or 10.5 KW sauna heater may trip out the power supply.
  • Safety: - When looking to enjoy soaking in the warmth of your electric sauna heater, it’s necessary to know the product you choose is safe and reliable. So, go for the electric sauna heaters that are UL, CSA, and CE certified and assure to create a safer surroundings.

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Sauna Bathing Can Be More Enjoyable With Access To Proper Sauna Accessories

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If you’re a seasoned sauna bather, you must know how useful the appropriate sauna supplies can be. Quite often, it’s these accessories that make the difference amid a session that’s substandard and one that’s actually superior. Used appropriately, accessories can aid a bather develop the ideal ambiance for refreshing and relaxing soak inside the calming heat of a sauna.

Let’s check out some of the most widely used sauna supplies employed by sauna lovers all over the globe:

Loofah sponges:

Employed as a bath sponge, the loofah, an exceedingly popular stuff in European saps and Asian baths, is known to generate mild glow & to improve the skin condition. It’s a natural cleansing sponge that’s also recognized for enhancing blood flow, flaking off dead skin cells, and encouraging healthy skin. The blood flow the loofah sponge encourages on the skin has been ascribed as a relief for arthritic and rheumatic sufferers. Loofah is safe environmentally, biodegradable, and a sustainable resource.

Sauna Timers:

Many sauna bathers employ timers to assist them keep record of how long they are in and make sure that they don’t spend excess time in the heat. Traditional bathers may favor the simpleness of a fifteen minute sand-timer, while people with modern tastes may depend on a ninety-minute electronic timer or the programmable gadget that often avails as part of a glossy designed control panel and provides time-delay and mechanical shut-off safety features. Since putting on a wristwatch in a steamy sauna room is both dangerous and impractical, the sauna-timer can definitely be a handy accessory.

Sauna headrests & backrests:

Sauna headrests & backrests are a must if you are looking for complete comfort during your bath. A wooden pillow or headrest cushions the head of a bather gently, whereas a backrest provides relief, support and luxury to the person’s back. Headrests & backrests can even serve productively as footrests, if needed by the bather.

Sauna Buckets and Pails:

Sauna buckets & pails are probably the most essential sauna supplies that you must have for a complete sauna bathing experience. The main intention of these supplies is to retain water that’d be employed to produce vapor when you bathe. The vapor is vital during bathing as it assists to clean skin pores effectively.

Without proper use of water, the bather can’t relish a genuine sauna experience. Sauna buckets & pails are usually composed of wood (cedar, spruce or pine). Since the extreme heat of sauna can cause damage to wood with continuous use, we sell pails and buckets with a plastic liner, which eradicates leakages. Buy sauna buckets from Heaters4saunas and give your sauna bathing experience a new height of enjoyment.

Sauna Buckets And Other Accessories For A Complete Sauna Bath

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Every seasoned sauna bather comprehend how useful the appropriate sauna supplies could be. Quite often, these accessories that form the difference between a bathing session that’s substandard and one that’s superior. If used in the right way, accessories can assist a bather develop the ideal ambiance for refreshing and curative soaking in the calming warmth of a sauna.

Below mentioned are three of the most typical sauna accessories employed by sauna lovers worldwide.

Sauna Brushes:

A lot of sauna lovers relish scrubbing their entire bodies with specially designed brushes as they sweat in the heat of their sauna. Despite of whether the brush feature long-handle for those tough-to-reach areas, a removable shaft or no shaft at all, a sauna brush is an excellent tool for assisting to massage and cleanse a bather’s skin. The smooth organic fiber of most brushes help skin shedding and can offer a bath session that’s refreshing & revitalizing for the bathers. Making use of a sauna brush appropriately can also enhance blood-flow, so there is actually no great reason to not have that brush amongst your sauna accessories.

sauna bucket

Sauna Ladles:

Also known as dippers, sauna ladles are as indispensable to appropriate conventional sauna bathing as the sauna buckets. It’s a ladle or two of water flipped over the hot rocks of a sauna that produces the vapor that several purists prefer to make their sauna bathing experience much more enjoyable. And water applies to the rocks in a sauna heater must be done employing a ladle. Doing so will keep your hand away from the consequence steam, averting a potential seam burn, and it aids you have a superior control over how much water you displace onto the rocks and, in result, the extent of humidity inside the room. Though a lot of ladles are made totally of wood, some boast copper or stainless steel scoops and cedar, pine or birch handles. Some ladles also avail with fixed leather straps.

Sauna Bucket

Sauna Buckets:

Also popularly known as sauna pails, wooden sauna buckets are employed to clench water in conventional style saunas. Quite a lot of seasoned bathers favor their buckets to be composed of pine, cedar, or copper. If you buy an all-wooden sauna vessel, be certain to vacant it following each use & to store it upside down. Since extreme temperature can make wood enlarge & contract, you might wish to think purchasing a liner for your sauna pail to help stop leakage.

Buy sauna buckets from Northern Lights and give your sauna bathing experience a complete makeover. Don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-759-8990 for any further inquiry about our offering.

Know The Possible Advantages of Cedar Wood Sauna Buckets

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The sauna has been in use for more than thousands of years and was actually a part of Finnish tradition which is still practiced in the many countries for an enjoyable hot bath experience. There is not much change in sauna bath experience as it continues to heal users with its therapeutic benefits.

The sauna rooms are built in different dimensions with perfect balance between humidity and heat to create a soothing warm environment for making the body of the user to sweat and perspire. Probably the most essential accessory required in every kind and size of sauna is the sauna buckets. The sauna buckets with ladle are mainly used to gently sprinkle water on to sauna rocks in order to produce humidity or steam. The water is stored in bucket so that the users can pour it on their bodies to keep cool and on their hairs to keep them damp and damage free.

For enjoying the moistened steam or heat inside the sauna, every sauna user will have to use sauna buckets with ladle. They are what often come included in basic sauna accessories packages. A key accessory for sauna having a built-in handle and plastic liner, sauna buckets can keep water for long without any loss or leakage. One bucket full of water can serve1-2 users in a single bath session.

The sauna buckets are available in metals, bamboo and wood materials. But red cedar wood sauna buckets are the most popular varieties sold in market and there are many reasons for preferring it. Cedar wood, may not seem like the right choice for your sauna buckets at times.

Is a sauna bucket made out of cedar wood perfect for you?

Why cedar wood is perfect for sauna buckets?

For many centuries, cedar wood has been used to make saunas in traditional style. You can even find them to be used in outdoor/indoor saunas, cedar sauna panels/kits and barrel shaped saunas too.

The best quality infrared saunas and accessories are now built from clear western red cedar woods.
Why cedar can be chosen for sauna buckets?

Sauna Bucket

Useful features of cedar wood sauna buckets:

• They are not attacked by insects and keep rot free
• Show durability and don’t suffer from shrinkage
• Good insulator of sound and heat in spite of being a softwood species
• Don’t have sap that would often damage the buckets.

Cedar wood sauna buckets—Insects and fungi resisting and long lasting varieties

Cedar can be chosen for your sauna buckets as they smell nice and does not get affected by weather condition. It has natural cedar oil to deodorize and repel insects as well as moths.

sauna bucket

Cedar wood sauna buckets are reliable, long lasting and rot resisting. The wood itself has many useful elements that are harmful for fungi causing wood rot. The presence of natural extractives like thujaplicins and phenolics make them be strong and supportive while serving as a sauna accessory.

As a potential sauna bather you will require sauna buckets in different shapes and sizes along with a suitable ladle to apply the water onto the rock. Make sure to choose a long shaft ladle so that you can enjoy your bath with Finnish Loyly.

For a worthy collection of cedar sauna buckets, Heaters 4 Saunas can be visited online or contacted at 1-800-759-8990.