Wood Fired Sauna Heaters – Fun of Traditional Wood Burning and Heating

Wood fired sauna heaters are the traditional means of heating your sauna and making your body warm. They are widely used in Europe and assure to bring you the fun experience of soft flame and soft heat with a pleasant crackling effect. If you are interested in heat produced by burning of timber wood in a stainless steel heater, then take up the idea of using wood fired sauna heaters in your sauna room which can add a crackling sound and wood burning smell that could not be imitated by any other sauna heater.

 Wood fired sauna heaters  - How they function?

The setup process of a wood fired stove is much the same way as that of a gas or electric heater, but it needs a chimney for proper ventilation of the emitting smoke. Even if the burning wood fire is a reliable heat source capable of producing sufficient warm, it still provided with with stones, as they can grab and distribute the heat better throughout your sauna room. The wood fired sauna heaters are designed to draw fresh air out of the sauna to properly maintain the heat inside the room. As you and your family members should not struggle inside the sauna with rising heat and falling amount of oxygen, the wood fired sauna heaters are designed with features to heat up the room to a 60-90°C temperature.

Wood-fired sauna stovesWhat kind of wood suits them?

The heat produced from wood fired sauna heaters will depend more on the kind of wood burnt in them rather than their size. Heavy and hard wood like ironbark and grey box will burn for longer time and feel hotter than pine and other soft woods. The woods don’t just differ in heat effect, but also in the aromas too. There are some local woods which can be tried to realize a differ smell than European woods. You can access and try different wood in case you live in a region where firewood is abundant and easy to get and store. 

Safety Concerns

You should position your wood-fired heaters in such a way that they can perfectly draw fresh air out of the sauna, so that the users won’t have to breath oxygen coming outside of the room. It is again desired to have adequate room inside the sauna and neighboring insulation for an air ventilating chimney. It will prevent smoke inhalation, which will be a dangerous thing for health. It’s again better to keep the chimney clean.  

You should again consider placing the front side of the stove facing outside of the sauna room to lower the risk of wood clutter and burning coals falling accidentally on the sauna floor. As per the temperature in wood fired saunas, you can’t properly control it using a thermostat like in an electric and gas heater. So, keep a thermometer inside the room and practice continually to keep the temperature right, without burning your skin or spoiling your heating experience.

Possible Advantages:-

  • Relaxing, rustic and pleasant experience
  • Smells different and brings fun
  • Cost-effective to operate in regions where wood is available in plenty
  • Relatively simple and easy to set up

If you are looking to have fun of traditional sauna soaking experience with maximum heat efficiency and minimum operating cost, consider purchasing wood fired sauna heaters from Heaters 4 Saunas.