Top Reasons To Buy Timberline Wood Sauna Heaters

Timberline Wood-fired Sauna Heaters: – In the last few years, Timberline has become a popular name in the wood fired heater industry. This is due to the fact that Timberline wood fired sauna heaters are manufactured from superior quality materials in Europe and are available with a five year manufacturer warranty. The ultimate aim of these heaters is to offer traditional sauna experiences. This is why they are preferred heating choice of sauna lovers, especially those people who enjoy the benefits of sprinkling water over the hot rocks. These sauna heaters have included high temperature rocks for optimal heating facilities to sauna enthusiasts. Besides they are perfect choice for use in off grid cottage applications or remote locations. You can get to experience therapeutic benefits without any access to electricity.

Specifications Of Timberline Wood-fired Sauna Heaters: –

  • Weight- 90 lbs (approximately)

  • External dimensions: – height 29” x depth 16.5” x width 13.75”

  • Internal dimensions: – height 15” x depth 15” x width 12”

  • Fits up to 15’’ logs

  • Capacity to heat up to 200-500 cubic feet of sauna space

  • Holding capacity- 273 cubic inches of ash

  • Heating time- 30 minutes (approximately)

  • Ash catcher dimensions- height 3” x depth 14” x width 6.5

  • Chimney port diameter- 6’’

  • Stone box dimension- height 7”x width 7” x depth 6”

  • Fits 25lbs Northern Lights high temperature sauna stones

Important Features & Benefits: –

  • Existence of stainless steel exterior wall for rust free look even in outdoor conditions.

  • Stainless steel exterior wall separated from interior heating box to radiate efficient interior heat while minimizing exterior wall temperature of the stove.

  • Presence of rounded exterior corners to offer stove a sleek appearance and ensure easy and safe installation.

  • Thick and durable stainless steel designed interior heating box for the heat absorption evenly all around the sauna space.

  • Interior heating box with a coat of high temperature resistant paint for the protection and extensive lifeline of interior steel.

  • Presence of sauna stone box for the perfect workability with Northern Light’s high temperature sauna stones.

  • Completely safe to use with water and effective solution for muscle relaxation while discharging toxins present in sweat glands.

  • High resistant glass door to allow light to come inside from fire for the illumination of sauna, creating a completely rustic atmosphere.

  • Removable ash catching tray for easy disposal of ash waste in sauna stove

  • Best choice for cottages and remote areas without any electricity.

  • Perfect pick for barrel or log outdoor sauna rooms

Conclusion: – Do you want to buy wood fired sauna heaters? If so, then buy European made, Northern Light’s Timberline Sauna Stove- Stainless Steel Sauna Heater, one of ideal wood fired sauna heaters from Being the authentic wood burning stove, it can ensure traditional sauna experience for sure! For more information, browse through the website or contact us online!