Top Three High Performance Wood Fired Sauna Heaters for Sale

Do you know that enjoying a sauna bath on a regular basis offers great mental and physical benefits? It is true that a sauna helps in relieving stress, induce better sleep, help to burn calories and soothe sore muscles. If you want to enjoy the pure sauna experience, then you can consider the wood fired sauna stoves or heaters. These days, wood fired sauna stoves or heaters are available with advanced design and features, which makes it more efficient in delivering an optimal heat session.

Are you looking to buy a wood burning sauna stove or heater? Do you want to make the right purchase? Here are the top three best quality wood fired sauna stoves or heaters, which will help you enjoy a great heat session to get both physical and mental benefits:

1-Country Living Wood Fired Sauna Stoves or Heaters:

With this type of sauna heater, you will enjoy a truly authentic sauna experience. This sauna heater or stove is engineered with perfection to withstand the harsh Canadian outdoors. The country living wood sauna heaters will deliver unsurpassed level of performance and durability. For the most demanding sauna enthusiasts, this type of sauna heater is considered to be ideal.

Top Features:

  • Traditional authentic sauna experience
  • Offers a soft heat during the sauna session (due to its large rock capacity tray)
  • Proves to be quick and efficient in heating up to a suitable temperature
  • Made from stainless steel and contains a thick hot rolled steel plate
  • Used in Barrel saunas or or log outdoor sauna rooms

2- Timberline Wood Fired Sauna Stove or Heater:

One of the best types of traditional Timberline wood fired sauna stove or heater are designed with the highest engineering standards to deliver a greater level of efficiency and durability. This type of wood fired sauna stoves or heaters are made from the top quality materials to enjoy a superior build quality.

Top Features:

Top quality stainless steel exterior wall with rust free appearance

  • Safe and easy installation
  • Evenly radiate the heat into the sauna space
  • Coated with high temperature resistant paint on its interior side
  • Removable as catching tray
  • Used in Barrel or Log outdoor sauna rooms

3- Large Wood Fired Sauna Stove or Heater:

This sauna heater is a Canadian made Fenno wood fired stove, which has an ample of heating capacity (up to 1000 cubic feet). The large wood fired sauna stove or heater is ideal for a sauna room of 12′x12′with 7 foot high ceilings. This type of sauna heater is manufactured using the latest equipment and technology to ensure consistent quality and performance. Designed with an efficient draught system, the large wood fired sauna stove or heater ensures quick heating and easy to clean and maintain.

Top Feature:

  • Strong cast iron gate
  • 20″ (508mm) of deep fire chamber
  • Can be installed with non-combustible wall (for outside feeding or inside sauna)
  • Comes with an aux water heating tank
  • Allows easy ash removal with a durable ash tray

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