Wood Fired Sauna Stove: How to Set Up

The crackling sound and beautiful aroma coming from a wood sauna stove definitely add to your sauna bathing experience. If you have a space in your home or in an exterior sauna cabin where you can set up a wood-fired sauna heater, we’ve some useful installation tips for you.

Installing wood fired sauna stove:

A wood-fired sauna stove is quite like a wood-fired fire place and you should know the regional building code and also manufacture specifications needed for appropriate clearance from flammables in the sauna room. Let’s find out how to install your wood sauna stove

  • The base or floor on which the sauna stove will sit must be a minimum of two inches of concrete, or ¼ inch thick fiber-resistant concrete plate sheltered by a metal coat.
  • Moreover, the base in the front of the sauna stove should be protected, employing an acceptable material that expands 12 inches beyond the thickness of the oven entrance & 18 inches in front of it.
  • The wood-fired heater mustn’t be closer than 12 inches from any wall. In the case it’s closer, the wall should be sheltered with a flame-proof shield.
  • A wood-fired sauna stove should be coupled either to a UL-approved Stainless Steel Class “A” Insulated Chimney or a sound masonry chimney.
  • Look for the heater instructions to comprehend the requirements for the stove pipe that links the stove to the chimney.
  • Sauna rooms that have a wood fired sauna heater should have an outer air intake vent. Since sauna heaters fueled by wood can be tough to control & can get extremely hot, you will require a vent that has an adjustable cover to let more air to flow into the sauna room.

Fire up your wood sauna stove:

  • Majority of the sauna stoves can contain firewood up to 16 inches in length. The firewood must be cut a minimum of one year beforehand, be perfectly dried, and be protected from the weather if it is to stay outdoors.Consider buying a wood fired sauna heater that features a glass window to boost your fire-gazing enjoyment, plus it’ll offer the room an aesthetic feel. A sauna heater powered by wood provides soft heat & the delightful experience of a sputtering wood fire.

    Nevertheless, a wood sauna stove set up is a complicated practice with its own concerns for stovepipe & chimney connections, so it is generally a smart idea to appoint a professional to do the installation work.

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